Medical Support

ILC-I’s “Aajibai Sathi Batwa”
(Partial Medical Sustenance for needy, elderly women)

The elderly population in India at present is 8% of the total population of the country and this number is going to rise to 15% by 2015.

Even amongst the elderly population, there is a group of the elderly which are regarded as the vulnerable elderly and this is the population of elderly women.

Traditionally, in every Indian home, there used to be a grandmother who would have a small bag of home-made or herbal medicines which she would dispense to her family members when they fell ill.

But today, the situation is such that there are some elderly grandmothers who are so poor that they do not have money for their own medicines and no one to take care of their needs. It is with a view to address the needs of these elderly women, that ILC-I has developed a project called “Aajibai Sathi Batwa” (Sustenance for the Grandmother).

YOU can sponsor an elderly “Aaji” or grandmother for Rs. 6000/- p.a.

Under this, the expenses for the elderly grandmother’s medical check-up and partial medical sustenance including nutritional supplements would be given.

On receipt of the cheque which may be drawn in the name of the International Longevity Centre-India, you will be given a receipt of the same along with the 80G exemption certificate. The details of your sponsored grandmother would also be given to you, as the sponsor. Biannual progress reports of the sponsored grandmother will also be given by the social worker to the sponsor.

Looking after our needy elderly is a prime responsibility of each one of us. By sponsoring a needy grandmother, we are taking up a part of this responsibility.

Your help to an “Aaji” in need would go a long way in giving her a life of dignity.


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