One day follow-up workshop on “ Role of Senior Citizens in Maintaining a Green and Sustainable Environment” on the 31st of January 2017.

The second part of this training was the one day feedback workshop that was held on the 31st of January 2017 at YASHADA, Pune where each organization made a presentation on the work done by them in the three months that they had from October 2016 to January 2017.

DSC_4748It is indeed heartening to note here that the reports on the projects undertaken by the senior citizens’ organisations which were submitted by their representatives at the Feedback and Documentation workshop held on the 31st of January were indeed eye-openers! The potential of the senior citizens to undertake developmental work was astounding. The senior citizen organization that won the first prize for the commendable work done was the Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangha, Sanghvi – This organization of seniors had helped 12 housing societies in Sanghvi set-up the rainwater harvesting system for collecting rainwater from the rooftops/terraces and had also convinced the Municipal Corporators of these areas to provide these socieites with free filters costing Rs. 6500/-each! One can only imagine the gallons of water which will be saved and conserved this year- and this is solely due to the CSR support of Gharda Chemicals that made it possible for such a revolution to take place.

This initiative also instilled a sense of dignity, of qualitative participation, a feeling of productivity in the elders as they undertook an environment-protection and sustainable programme for the well-being of society and mankind.DSC_4672

The other organisations that won prizes were the Rajarshi Shahu Jyeshtha Nagarik Seva Sangha, Kolhapur and the Kruthartha Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangha, Indiranagar, Nashik.  Two consolation prizes were awarded to the Jyeshtha Nagrik Mandal, Yavatmal and to the Shatayushi Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangh, Rajivnagar, Nashik.

DSC_4670All the organisations have assured ILC-I that they would continue with the work undertaken by them in the interest of the environment and that of societal development on the whole.
It is a pioneering endeavor undertaken by ILC-I with the support of Gharda Chemicals and which was received with whole-hearted enthusiasm and sincerity by the invited elderly participants.

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