Observing UN’s World Water Day with “A WALK FOR WATER”  by Senior Citizens-

The 22nd of March is globally observed by the UN as World Water Day. Every year a theme is proposed and for the year 2017, it was “A walk for water”.

ILC-I pledges itself to protecting the environment and ensuring its green sustainability and as part of its advocacy focus, the World Water Day was observed with this “Walk for Water” by senior citizens on the 22nd of March 2017.

DSC_0954Around 160 senior citizens took part in this walk of around 2 kms in Pashan, beginning at 7.30 am, shouting slogans of “Save Water, Save Life”, “Pani Jirva, Pani Wachwa” urging citizens not to waste water, & to save & conserve it, spreading the message to the onlookers and residents of more than 30 housing societies along the road.
ILC-I had also prepared special placards on the occasion of the World Water Day advocating messages on a Green environment, on how to save water and why, and these placards were enthusiastically held aloft by the senior citizens as they walked along.
DSC_0960Ms. Varsha Rajkhowa, the Ms. Scuba International of 2016 & the international Brand Ambassador for Water Conservation and Protection of Marine Life, led the walk donning her sash and later adorning her head with the tiara that she had been crowned with, as she pleaded for the cause of water conservation.The participation of this youth icon also sought to bring in a ‘connect’ between the senior citizens and the younger generation whom Ms. Rajkhowa represented.

DSC_0091Following the Walk, an Awareness lecture on “Conservation of Water- The Role of Senior Citizens” was organized by ILC-I with the support of Gharda Chemicals on the occasion. The speaker was Col. Shashikant Dalvi, the Water Conservation Expert, & District Manager (Pune), The Climate Reality Project, India & Director, Parjanya : Rain water Harvesting Consultancy.

DSC_0085Col. Dalvi explained what water conservation meant and why we need to conserve water & how we in India, tend to disrespect water and use it in an exceedingly wasteful and indiscriminate way- we don’t fix our leaking taps, we let the water run while brushing teeth, washing clothes/ vessels and many other instances were cited by him which showed the indiscriminate use of water by most of us. He also spoke of how there are simple ways in which water could be saved or conserved.

Moreover he also spoke of how the senior citizens themselves could spread this message of water conservation through Valueducation programmes where children are educated on such social causes by senior citizens.

DSC_0122Senior citizens could also undertake Rainwater harvesting promotion projects by orienting builders, housing societies to the concept of saving or conserving rainwater that goes waste- down terraces and rooftops of our houses and buildings, citing the example of how the Sanghvi Jyeshtha Nagrik Sanstha, led by its President, Prof. Ravindra Nimbalkar had, with its team of senior citizens, convinced 12 housing societies to install rainwater harvesting systems on their rooftops to conserve water which could then be used when there was less rainfall!

DSC_0091The special invitee for the occasion, Prof. Nimbalkar, the President of the Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangha of Sanghvi and the winner of the ILC-I and Gharda Chemicals supported programme on “The Role of Senior Citizens in Maintaining a Green and Sustainable Environment”, while interacting with the audience informed how, the Sangha decided to focus on one issue of rainwater harvesting and to harness the efforts, time, energy and dedication of its senior citizen members for this cause.

This programme was also organized by ILC-I with the support of Gharda Chemicals Ltd.

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